Why SunMed?

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I get asked a lot, "Why don't you sell other CBD labels in your store?"  The answer is simple "I know what's inside my product and how much CBD is inside my product"

Before I started using SunMed I tried a LOT of different CBD companies and some did work and most didn't. The ones that worked were only available online and I would often forget to order, also I wanted to get more information like how do I take this product, how much should I take? And often times that would leave me down a Google rabbit hole. I did try going to a local pharmacy once where they advertise "We sell CBD here" but apparently no one really knew much about it. So I just bought some CBD stuff and went on my merry way. Waste of $200

Since the 2018 Farm Bill has passed anyone can make a product and sell it as CBD and they do. Because it's not regulated they can get away with it....for now

SunMed has always regulated themselves. Treating the company as if the FDA is watching (and they are) From soil to oil is the motto. Everything gets tested 4 times over-

1-product gets tested before it's received from the Farmers

2- the raw material gets tested as soon as it hits the facility

3- each batch gets tested and then sent to a 3rd party testing provider

4-there is an extensive stability test to ensure there are no issues with the batch     before it gets sent out. 

And all of this is controlled by our Lot #'s

Did I mention, it's made in America! A lot of other CBD companies get their CBD imported.......


So no, I will not add another CBD label to my store. I like what works and I prefer Quality over Quantity any day!


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